Frequently Asked Questions

Can Culinare items go in a dishwasher?

Many items made by Culinare can be washed safely in a dishwasher.
Always refer to the original packaging which will show a picture of a dishwasher if it is safe to do so.

How Do I Use My One Touch Jar Opener?

1. Remove the paper or plastic neckband seal from the jar.
2. With the jar on a flat, non-slippery surface, place the Jar Opener centrally on the top of the jar.
3. Press the blue start button on the top of the Jar Opener for about three seconds and release it once the Jar Opener starts and the inner clamps start to move. The outer clamps will close to hold the jar securely, while the inner clamps will close on the lid and rotate to open it.
4. DO NOT put your fingers near or in the clamps during the operation process. In case you want to cease the operation, press the main button once to reset the Jar Opener.
5. After opening the lid, the clamps of the Jar Opener will return to their original position and stop automatically.
6. When the Jar Opener switches off, lift the Jar Opener off the jar. Always ensure that the lid is completely unscrewed from the jar. Always hold the jar with one hand while removing the lid with the other hand.

How do I release the can opener If It becomes jammed?

If the Can Opener is jammed due to low battery level or a deformed can rim, press the small button at the rear of the Can Opener to activate the reverse button so that the can is released, keep the reverse button depressed until the Can Opener stops.

If batteries are depleted, the Can Opener may not be released by pressing the reverse button. In this case, insert a 4 or 6mm crosshead (or flat) screwdriver into the stall release screw on the underside of the Can Opener beside the cutting blade, and slowly turn it in a clockwise direction until the can is released.

After replacing the batteries, following use of the stall release screw or the reverse button, press and hold the reverse button and can detect switch together until the Can Opener resets to its start position. Keep your fingers away from the cutter blade and drive wheel to prevent injury.

Cans with heavy seams, odd shapes or uneven rims may stall the Can Opener. If this happens, follow above procedure to release the can. Start the cutting action just beyond any minor bump or dent in the can.

Note: The Can Opener is designed to cut cans with diameters of 52mm to 153mm (inclusive). It will not open cans with heavy seams, rimless, odd shapes or corners.

If you are unable to resolve an issue with your Can Opener by following the above advise please contact our customer advice line on +44 (0) 1252 828055 during office hours.

What Size Cans Will The One Touch Can Opener Open?

The Can opener will open cans with a diameter of 52mm (2.04”) to 98mm (3.85”) with one press of the button.

How Do I Replace The Batteries In My One Touch Can Opener?

Slide back the base cover to remove and install 2 x AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries into the battery compartment according to the polarity (+/-) instructions.

Replace the base cover after the batteries have been installed.

Always replace both batteries at once and never mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types or quality.

To avoid switching the unit on during battery replacement do not press the button on the top of the Can Opener.

Note: the cutter will not operate when the base cover is removed from the unit.

The batteries supplied with this product are non-rechargeable.

My peeler keeps getting stuck.

If you find your Culinare peeler is clogging up with peel inside the blade, try using it the opposite way. If you usually draw the peeler up the vegetable towards you, use it with a downward motion and see if you have different results. Also ensure that the protective adhesive has been removed from the blade.

What batteries are required for my One Touch Can Opener?

Due to the high torque of the motor we highly recommend quality alkaline batteries to get the best performance from the product.

Can boiling liquid like gravy, be put into the jug?

Yes it can. Allow the gravy to cool a little before pouring out of the jug.

How long does the Fridge Deodoriser last ?

4 months.

How does Fresh Hands work?

Fresh Hands uses oxido reduction, which is a natural property of steel, for removing persistent odours which impregnate the skin while cooking. Use the steel soap by rubbing it between your hands under cold running water for 30 seconds. Fresh Hands removes the smell of garlic, fish, onion, nicotine, poultry and many others from your hands.

Will the gas lighter effect my kitchen appliances?

Due to the quartz crystal ignition, this is not recommended for use around sensitive electrical devices such as pacemakers. However it will not effect your kitchen appliances.

Can I use one of your openers to open a ring pull can?

Although designs of tins may vary in most cases you can turn the tin upside down and open from the under side.

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